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Microsoft Announces Surface Laptops with Copilot Integration 

By Meera Nair | April 16, 2024

During its “New Era of Work” livestream event in March, Microsoft unveiled a suite of innovations designed to revolutionise business…

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Three Smartphone Innovations Mirroring the Modern Consumer

By Nidhi Singh | April 15, 2024

The journey from zero to smartphone has been remarkable; from the bulky handsets of the 90s with uber-basic calling and…

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Green Computing is Saving the Planet, One Byte at a Time 

By Meera Nair | March 22, 2024

Forget disposable coffee cups and carpooling – the eco-revolution is flourishing in the heart of data centres and server rooms.…

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Disney’s Holotile Gets a High-Tech Upgrade 

By Meera Nair | March 11, 2024

Imagine stepping onto a platform of hexagonal tiles that weave a tapestry of sight and sound around you, transforming your…

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Where the IT Industry Stands with Web3 Adoption

By Meera Nair | March 5, 2024

The internet, as we know it, is on its last legs. What’s waiting to take his place? Web3.   As a…

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Will the Apple Vision Pro Revolutionize the Workplace?

By Jena Hodgson | February 20, 2024

The future is not just on the horizon – it’s already here. The Apple Vision Pro is set to hit…

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Apple Switches to USB-C for iPhone. What’s The Big Deal? 

By Jena Hodgson | February 13, 2024

Change is inevitable, even for a tech giant like Apple.  As a CTO, you’re no stranger to working with new…

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