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Digital Playground: Our Favorite Tech Toys of 2024 

Here’s our list of every fun tech gadget that should be on your radar. 

New gadgets, applications, and devices are constantly emerging. For any CTO or professional technology enthusiast, this constant evolution provides an endless digital playground filled with fascinating tech toys.  

Better yet, this year looks especially promising for delivering some intriguing gadgets to play with thanks to major technological advancements like AI and virtual reality. 

But, if you aren’t in the loop of the hottest tech pieces on the horizon or recently released in stores, we’ve got you covered.  

Here are our top nine tech toy picks for 2024 that are sure to captivate you during and after work hours. 

1) The iPhone 16 

The anticipation surrounding Apple’s iPhone 16 is intense. With Apple’s reputation for delivering cutting-edge features and superior performance with each new iPhone model, this device is expected to be one of the most coveted tech gadgets of 2024.  

With the innovative iPhone 15 release in 2023 (which made headlines for new features like a USB-C port), the upcoming release of the iPhone 16 is also a beautiful testament to the fast pace of innovation in the tech industry. 

2) PHOLED Televisions 

Thin, lightning-fast, and extraordinarily vibrant, PHOLED televisions represent the future of home entertainment. Naturally, these devices will greatly add to any tech leader’s living room or office space. 

PHOLED is an upgrade to the OLED TV tech that has been a mainstay in the TV industry. What makes devices with PHOLED technology so innovative is that they use far less electricity while offering higher screen brightness.  

3) Coding toys for children 

You read that right. But while these are toys for kids, we can assure you these aren’t any ordinary children’s toys.  

Botley and Code-a-pillar Twist are two interactive coding toys that offer a fun, hands-on way to learn coding essentials.  

The toys provide a quirky and interactive way to brush up on the basics of coding, making them an ideal after-work activity for tech leaders who have young children of their own. They also serve as a reminder that learning can come in the form of fun educational games

4) Microsoft Surface Laptop 6 

Compact, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop range has always been a hit among professionals in the tech industry – and the eventual Surface Laptop 6 has no reason to be any different.  

Since the Surface Laptop 5 was released in late 2022, a long-awaited update to the device is predicted to happen in 2024. This newer version promises to be an ideal companion for any tech leaders who need a reliable, high-performance device for the workplace – or to play when OOO. 

5) The Nintendo Switch 2 

The original Switch was released in 2017, so it’s no surprise that the gaming community is buzzing with anticipation for the new Nintendo Switch 2.  

We don’t know much about the device just yet, but one notable update that has been announced is the transition to an LCD screen (other than an OLED screen) to give it longer battery life. 

Overall, the Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to be more powerful than its predecessor, potentially bringing new levels of performance and interactivity to the growing handheld gaming industry

6) Smartwatches with Generative AI 

In 2024, the leading smartwatches (including the soon-to-debut Apple Watch X) will come equipped with large language models and other forms of generative AI capability. 

If you aren’t already familiar with the term, generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence technology that can produce content like “text, imagery, audio and synthetic data.” 

Whether you’re using a smartwatch for personal assistance or fitness tracking, wearables will become even more personalized. Smartwatches are also rapidly advancing their medical applications since generative AI already shows major potential for patient care

7) Ember’s Temperature Control Tumbler 

Are you one of those people who can’t start working until you’ve had your morning cup of joe?  

The recently released smart tumbler by Ember takes the simple act of drinking coffee or tea to a whole new level. By giving you the ability to keep your beverage at your selected temperature for up to three hours while on the go. 

By maintaining your beverage at the perfect temperature, this smart travel mug turns every sip into a pleasure. It’s an example of how technology can enhance even the most mundane aspects of our work and personal lives. 

8) The Samsung Galaxy S24 

In the realm of smartphones, Samsung’s Galaxy series has consistently set the bar high.  

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 promises to continue this tradition, with an anticipated release date of January 17, 2024. This marks a departure from Samsung’s usual February launches for its flagship non-foldable devices. 

Samsung is reportedly creating the “smartest AI phones ever” with the Galaxy S24 series. Little is known about the AI features of the phone but one example that Samsung has shared is AI Live Translate Call, which will translate audio and text in real time. 

9) Ring’s Always Home Drone Camera 

Security tech is taking a revolutionary leap with the Always Home Cam by Ring, an autonomous drone that adds a unique layer to home surveillance. 

This gadget is designed to patrol your home while you’re away to provide a live feed from the drone’s camera directly to an app on your phone. The drone can fly around and show different parts of your home, ensuring that everything is as it should be. 

Bear in mind that while it was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2023, the Always Home Cam is expected to become widely available in 2024 (though no official date has been announced since). 


Ready, set… play!  As you can see from this list, there is no shortage of innovative tech gadgets and gizmos to capture one’s attention in 2024.  

It’s worth noting that digital “toys” represent not just amusing diversions, but also opportunities for exploration, inspiration, and even relaxation.  

So, whether you’re a tech CEO, CTO, or just a plain tech enthusiast, consider adding these innovative toys to your collection in 2024 – it’s an easy way to engage with the latest and greatest gadgets available on the market. 

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