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smartphone innovations

Three Smartphone Innovations Mirroring the Modern Consumer

By Nidhi Singh | April 15, 2024

The journey from zero to smartphone has been remarkable; from the bulky handsets of the 90s with uber-basic calling and…

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Apple failures

Examining 5 of Apple’s Biggest Project Fumbles 

By Nidhi Singh | April 11, 2024

Describe Apple. Your mind likely went to sleek design or unparalleled functionality but perhaps also to the companies sustainability, privacy,…

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Will Smart Rings Reach the Modern User?

By Nidhi Singh | April 11, 2024

In today’s world, where smartwatches and fitness bands are everywhere you look, the exciting world of wearable tech is evolving…

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AI-powered robot

Three Food Service Robots Leading Next-Gen Dining

By Nidhi Singh | April 2, 2024

Food service robots are rocking through the culinary industry, affecting everything from cooking times to ease of delivery. These AI-powered…

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Generative AI

How the GenAI Job Market is Shaping 3 Industries

By Nidhi Singh | March 29, 2024

The impact of a new genAI job market , one where rote tasks are virtually eliminated from workflow and humans/machines…

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QR code risks

Should We Talk About the QR Code Security Risk? 

By Nidhi Singh | March 21, 2024

It’s time to talk about the blooming QR code security risk.  QR code usage has boomed over the last half-decade…

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How Bug Bounty Programs Are Revolutionizing Cybersecurity

By Nidhi Singh | March 20, 2024

With increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, organizations are constantly looking for ways to secure their systems and protect themselves…

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CES 2024 weird gadgets

CES 2024’s Gadgets Take Tech to a New Dimension 

By Nidhi Singh | March 15, 2024

At America’s largest trade show, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, companies from around the world seized the opportunity to…

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AI content creation tools

Top AI Content Creation Tools Redefining Digital Excellence 

By Nidhi Singh | March 13, 2024

In the world of content creation where time is money and quality is king – the emergence of AI content…

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ai robot

Will Pocket-Sized AI Devices Dethrone the Smartphone? 

By Nidhi Singh | March 7, 2024

Mirroring the seismic tech shifts of the last two decades, more is not always equal to better. In fact –…

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