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Microsoft Announces Surface Laptops with Copilot Integration 

During its “New Era of Work” livestream event in March, Microsoft unveiled a suite of innovations designed to revolutionise business productivity – with the highlight being a powerful combination of next-generation Surface devices and a significantly upgraded version of Microsoft’s AI assistant, Copilot. 

Surface gets smarter: AI integration takes centre stage 

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10, touted as the company’s first “AI PCs.” These machines boast the latest Intel Core Ultra processors with integrated Neural Processing Units (NPUs) for efficient AI acceleration. However, the real innovation lies in the seamless integration of Copilot on keyboards that grants instant access to your AI assistant.

While the Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 with integrated AI capabilities stole the show, Microsoft also announced updates to the Surface family, including a new Surface Studio designed for creative professionals.  

Copilot at your fingertips: unleashing a supercharged workflow 

A single tap on the dedicated Copilot key launches a convenient sidebar, ready to offer context-aware help directly within your workspace. Here’s the key features Microsoft expounded on during the livestream:

Microsoft 365 amplified: Copilot leverages AI to analyse your data and automate tasks within familiar applications like Word and Excel.

Content generation: Microsoft sees Copilot as a writing partner that helps you research topics, suggests relevant sources and summarising critical information, provides real-time grammar and clarity checks, or offers creative writing prompts and outlining tools.  

Presentation perfection: Copilot offers built-in design features and generation visuals.

Email efficiency: Copilot can summarise lengthy email threads, suggest concise and professional responses, or flag important emails and deadlines.  

A Glimpse into the AI-powered future  

The Surface launch marks the beginning of Microsoft’s AI push, with hints of future advancements for Copilot like multilingual support and mobile integration. The company also announced exciting developments beyond laptops, including a new Surface Studio designed for creative professionals.  
The “New Era of Work” livestream event also showcased a range of innovations designed to streamline workflows and empower businesses. The wider commercial availability of Microsoft Adaptive Accessories and Azure security solutions signifies a move towards a more personalised, safe, and secure computing experience.  

Expected within the year are updates to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager portal promise easier device deployment, configuration, and security management. More updates and new features for Microsoft Teams, include integrations with Power Platform tools for streamlined workflow automation and data analysis within Teams.


Microsoft’s Surface laptops with integrated AI capabilities and the upgraded Copilot represent a significant step towards a more AI-powered work environment. By equipping users with intelligent tools and intuitive interfaces, Microsoft paves the way for a future where work is not just productive, but truly intelligent.

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