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Apple Switches to USB-C for iPhone. What’s The Big Deal?

Apple ditched its Lightning port for USB-C on its iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus (along with the updated AirPods Pro), eliminating the need for cords that are exclusive to their products in response to an EU mandate requiring a USB-C port on portable devices. 

That’s the news clip, but let’s dive into what that might actually mean for users.

Apple devices like Macbooks and most iPads have used USB-C for years. But USB-C on an iPhone is a game changer. Here are three immediate benefits of iPhone’s switch to USB-C, and a slew of other ways it will impact your day-to-day processes. 

1. Universal connectivity 

Managing a myriad of devices is part of the daily grind for a CTO, but juggling different cables and gadgets can turn into a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, the new USB-C connector on Apple devices makes it compatible with non-Apple products. A universal connector for all devices allows you to simplify operations and focus more on strategic thinking and innovation (rather than wrestling with a tangled mess of cables). 

Unsure of what to do with your old Lightning cables? Here are a few e-waste recycling options: 

2. Speedier power delivery  

The new USB-C port on the iPhone delivers a faster charge. In other words, now you can juice up an iPhone battery in far less time. Faster power delivery means quicker data transfer, allowing iPhone users to easily connect their devices to external displays and even use their phones to charge other devices.  


  • Data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps 
  • Comparable transfer speeds to USB 2.0 
  • Native power support for 100W/3A and up to 240W/5A 


  • Data transfer speeds up to 40Gbps 
  • Capable of USB 4 support 
  • Native power support for 12W/2.4A 

3. A streamlined ecosystem 

USB-C for iPhone is forward-thinking. The change not only brings instant convenience to your office, but it also boosts the effectiveness and longevity of the technology used by your entire organization. Here are a few areas where the switch to USB-C will enhance your tech ecosystem: 

  • Accessibility: USB-C on iPhone automatically justifies any existing or potential tech investments because it increases connectivity to a wider range of users. 
  • Innovation: Apple devices can be linked to accessories and peripherals that were previously unavailable, opening the door to new ideas and solutions. 
  • Risk mitigation: By adopting the future standard for tech with USB-C, you can assess the potential risks of your technology and proactively navigate them. 


A big measure of a CTO’s success is their efficiency with the devices they use. Apple’s switch to USB-C on the latest iPhone makes your job a lot easier. With more people using iPhones for professional needs, harnessing this new feature as a CTO will empower you to expand the capability of your organization and more importantly, your expertise as a tech leader. 

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