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Apple’s Let Loose Event Reimagines iPads and Pencil Pro

On May 7th, 2024, Apple’s “Let Loose” event wasn’t just about new products – it was a vibrant celebration of creativity. From the energetic presentations to the stage design awash with colour, the message was clear: Apple is fully committed to empowering artists, designers, and anyone with a spark of imagination around the world.

While some might have anticipated a peek at the next iPhone or Apple Watch, the focus remained firmly on tinkering with the tools that bring ideas to life: the iPad and Apple Pencil. Let’s dive deeper into the exciting announcements and explore what they mean for the future of mobile creativity.  

The newest iteration of iPad Pro: thinner and more powerful

The undisputed star of the show was the redesigned iPad Pro. This iteration takes the concept of a professional-grade tablet and a stunning new OLED display with a super-portable 11-inch iPad Pro and an expansive 13-inch iPad Pro, the thinnest product Apple has ever created.

Stunning OLED Display

The iPad Pro takes a major leap forward with the all-new Ultra Retina XDR display. This tech utilizes tandem OLED to deliver exceptional brightness, precise contrast ratios, and vibrant colours. ProMotion and True Tone technologies promise a smooth and responsive viewing experience that adapts to the ambient light. Additionally, Reference Mode caters to professionals who require colour accuracy for their workflows.  

M4 Chip: A rocket in your pocket  

The next generation of Apple’s custom silicon M4 chip delivers outrageous performance in a remarkably thin and light design.  

  • Unleash creative power: The M4 boasts a powerful CPU delivering up to 1.5x faster performance compared to the M2. 
  • Game-changing graphics: A powerful GPU featuring hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology delivers incredibly realistic lighting effects, shadows, and reflections, making your games and creative projects come alive.  
  • AI powerhouse: The Neural Engine in the M4 chip has been significantly enhanced, making the iPad Pro an absolute powerhouse for AI tasks. Expect faster machine learning processes, improved image and video recognition, and a smoother overall experience when using AI-powered features.  

Quantifiable performance gains

  • Up to 4x faster pro rendering performance compared to the M2 chip (perfect for demanding 3D rendering tasks).  
  • Up to 1.5x faster CPU performance than the M2 (ideal for video editing, graphic design, and multitasking).  

The iPad Air gets serious: a powerful option for creatives  

The iPad Air has long occupied a sweet spot between the basic iPad and the pro-oriented iPad Pro. This time, Apple has taken a significant step towards blurring the lines even further. The new iPad Air caters to users who crave a bit more screen real estate for creative tasks by offering not just the familiar 11-inch option, but a brand new, larger 13-inch version.  

  • Two sizes: Familiar 11-inch and a brand new, larger 13-inch option for more screen real estate. (Perfect for those who crave extra space)  
  • M3 Chip: Substantial performance boost for smoother workflows, faster rendering times, and handling demanding creative applications. (A powerful option for creators on a budget)  

Apple Pencil Pro revolutionizes artistic expression  

While hardware upgrades are exciting, Apple hasn’t forgotten about the software tools that bring their devices to life. The all-new Apple Pencil Pro introduces several groundbreaking features that are sure to make artists excited.  

  • Barrel Roll: Dynamic brush control by rotating the Pencil in your hand, adjusting brush size or opacity – a game-changer for artists. (Natural brush-like experience for artists)  
  • Pencil Squeeze: Activate shortcuts and modifiers by squeezing the Pencil body, streamlining workflow. (Increased efficiency and customization)  
  • Haptic Feedback: Feel the texture of virtual objects for a more natural and intuitive drawing experience. (Enhanced precision and control for artists)  

The Let Loose event may not have unveiled the next iPhone or Apple Watch, but it certainly set the stage for an exciting year ahead. With WWDC 2024 scheduled for June 10th, we can expect software updates across the Apple ecosystem, potentially including a glimpse of the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup. But for now, the spotlight shines brightly on the new iPads and Apple Pencil Pro.  


The new iPads offer a compelling combination of power, portability, and innovative features. The iPad Air is now a serious contender for many users, boasting pro-level performance at a more accessible price point. The iPad Pro remains the ultimate creative powerhouse, with its best-in-class display, powerful M4 chip, and rumoured design upgrades. With the Apple Pencil Pro pushing the boundaries of digital art, Apple has delivered a trifecta of reimagined tools designed to unleash creativity.

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