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Exploring the Role of Carbon Credits in Corporate Sustainability

By Meera Nair | July 13, 2024

The colossal data centres, sprawling campuses, and ubiquitous tech devices that fuel the digital revolution come at a cost –…

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How Virtual IT Events are Shaping a Sustainable and Connected Future 

By Meera Nair | July 8, 2024

The IT event landscape is undergoing a fascinating transformation, brimming with opportunity. Event spending is projected to rise by a…

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Ten Next-Gen Network Monitoring Tools for 2024

By Meera Nair | July 3, 2024

The intricate dance of managing modern IT infrastructure can feel like wrestling a wild beast. Network sprawl, the ever-present cloud,…

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Best Laptops in 2024: Unleashing Versatility for Every Need

By Meera Nair | June 28, 2024

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all laptops. Today’s best laptops are chameleons, adapting to your needs with a variety of…

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Datafication: Transformation of Our World into Measurable Data

By Meera Nair | June 27, 2024

In an increasingly digital world, a new phenomenon is reshaping our reality: datafication. It’s the process of transforming human experiences,…

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Meet your Muse: How AI in Creativity is Redefining Art

By Meera Nair | June 25, 2024

We could wax on about how AI is revolutionizing tech, automating rote tasks, and changing the lives of those who…

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Quantum Computing Today: Are We on the Cusp of a Breakthrough

By Meera Nair | June 24, 2024

Imagine a computer that can crack problems in minutes that would take today’s supercomputers years. This isn’t science fiction –…

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The UK’s Rising Stars: Lesser-Known Tech Companies Making Big Moves 

By Meera Nair | June 21, 2024

The UK has long been a hub for innovation, boasting established tech giants like ARM and Rolls-Royce. But beyond the…

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Tech on Trial: Can Antitrust Scrutiny Foster a Fairer Digital Landscape? 

By Meera Nair | June 20, 2024

The digital revolution wouldn’t be what it is without the tech giants – Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook. These household names…

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Get Ready to Meet Super Apps

By Meera Nair | June 18, 2024

If you’re asking, “what….. is a super app….” don’t worry – we’ll explain. Gaining rapid traction across Asia, super apps…

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