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5 Tips For Executing IT Department Goals in 2024 

Let’s start 2024 without the bullsh*t. How many times have you planned a full quarter just to watch the timelines disintegrate? Watch the campaigns unravel or the release date get eked backwards? More than once, likely. More than ten, even more likely.  

Planning a detailed yearly outlook (yes, even if you have KPIs, ideal goals and GANT charts) is only the first shot in a battle – executing the plan is the war. How to win the war? Let’s talk about five tips to help digital leaders plan strategic goals that drive results in 2024.   

1. Include stakeholders in goals 

As special as you may be in your org – you aren’t completely siloed, nor are your goals only important to you. Any goal you set will snake through multiple departments – it’s time to include them. Start 2024 with meaningful collaboration. Stay accountable to other directors, VPs, and marketing leaders in different positions across your org. 

Working alongside sales? Rope in the sales VP. Get marketing in a 10-minute meeting to discuss your launch timeline. Get your project manager on board. Collaboration across teams will help you better understand each department’s needs and factors that could impact the success of your company’s goals.  

Including stakeholders in goal-setting conversations and plans for success ensures everyone’s ideas (and concerns) are aligned before execution. Measure twice and cut once, so the saying goes. Getting your leadership team on board from the start helps create buy-in, an essential component for achieving your goals.  

2. Identify priorities with SWOT analysis 

Setting goals can feel overwhelming without understanding your department’s strengths and weaknesses. Conducting a SWOT analysis helps you hone in on your tech needs and identify top priorities.  

Taking the time to explore these areas of your technology gives you a clear understanding of your current position. It can also reveal external factors that may impact your department.  

Once you have a 360º view of where your technology stands, you can set informed goals that drive your department forward.  

3. Set SMART goals  

SMART goals ensure your 2024 objectives aren’t just lofty aspirations. A SMART framework lays the foundations for a goal’s success.  

SMART stands for: 

  • Specific: What is your desired objective? 
  • Measurable: How will you measure your goal’s success? 
  • Achievable: Can you achieve your goal in a realistic time frame? 
  • Relevant: How do your department’s goals align with the company’s mission? 
  • Time-Bound: What is the deadline for this goal?  

Using the SMART framework provides an actionable plan for transforming your goals from abstract aspirations to concrete reality.  

4. Create milestones   

Setting transformative department goals is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. To make large goals feel more achievable, create milestones along the way.  

Milestones serve as rungs on a ladder as you ascend toward your main goal. Each milestone provides you and your team the satisfaction of completing a task and the motivation to keep moving forward. And, with the completion of each milestone comes the opportunity to reflect and adjust on the path toward your larger objective.  

5. Enjoy the process  

Many CTOs view goal planning as a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Use this as an opportunity to bond with your team and raise morale going into the new year. Collaborative goal setting is a great way to tap into your team’s collective experiences and ideas, making the planning process more engaging and less overwhelming.  

After identifying your 2024 goals, celebrate your accomplishment with a team outing. Doing so acknowledges everyone’s hard work and builds camaraderie as you shift from the planning phase to execution. 


As a CTO, it’s your job to set goals that drive innovation. But without a plan, these dreams fall flat. By choosing strategic goals and crafting a plan to achieve them, you can chart a course that promises tangible results.  

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