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Apple Unveils AI Assistant and OS Revamps at WWDC 2024

The lights dimmed at Apple Park yesterday, 10th June, as Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, took the stage to kick off the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This year’s event, a blend of virtual presentations and a limited-capacity in-person gathering unveiled a wave of advancements across Apple’s software landscape, focusing on AI and refined UX.

Here’s a breakdown of the biggest announcements that promise to reshape how we interact with our Apple devices. 

Introducing Apple Intelligence: your personalized AI companion 

The keynote kicked off with a bombshell introduction of Apple Intelligence. This marks Apple’s official foray into the world of comprehensive AI assistants. Unlike Siri’s more task-oriented approach, Apple Intelligence is designed to be proactive and predictive. It will learn your routines, preferences, and habits, offering contextual suggestions and streamlining your workflow across devices. 

As Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, unveiled Apple Intelligence with a flourish, he stated: “Apple Intelligence represents a fundamental shift in how we interact with our devices. It’s not just about automation; it’s about understanding your needs and proactively anticipating them.”

This highlights the ambition behind Apple Intelligence, moving beyond simple automation to a more contextual and predictive assistant. 

A look at the evolving Apple O/S systems

Apple’s core operating systems received their fair share of upgrades, with a focus on both UX enhancements and developer-friendly tools.

iOS 18

This update introduces a revamped lock screen with greater customization options, including the ability to add widgets and personalize notifications. Additionally, iOS 18 boasts improved multitasking features for iPad users who connect their devices with a keyboard, making the transition to a laptop-like experience even smoother.

iPadOS 18

Taking a step towards desktop-class functionality, iPadOS 18 brings improvements to window management and multitasking. Apps can now be resized and freely moved around the screen, mirroring the functionality on a Mac. This update further blurs the lines between tablet and computer, solidifying the iPad’s position as a powerful productivity tool.

Sarah Knapp, Apple’s director of Product Marketing for iPad, highlighted the power of iPadOS 18: “The lines between iPad and Mac continue to blur. With improved multitasking and window management, the iPad is now a true desktop replacement for many users.”  

macOS Sequoia

macOS received a name change – Sequoia – hinting at its focus on stability and growth. Sequoia introduces a redesigned notification center for better organization and streamlined interactions. Additionally, users can expect enhanced security features and improved performance optimization. 

Beyond the big three, Apple promised software updates in:

  • watchOS 11: The Apple Watch gets a health boost with new sleep tracking features and workout analytics. 
  • tvOS 18: Apple TV receives an upgrade with improved gaming capabilities and support for next-generation controllers. 
  • VisionOS 2: The operating system for the Vision Pro headset sees increased compatibility with existing iPad apps, expanding the VR experience. 
  • Focus on Developer Tools: Apple continues to invest in developer tools, making it easier for third-party creators to build innovative and immersive experiences across the Apple ecosystem. 

Unveiling the delightful UX surprises of WWDC

WWDC wasn’t just about sweeping software changes; Apple also sprinkled in some delightful surprises. These features showcase Apple’s commitment to not just improving core functionalities but also enhancing the user experience in innovative and delightful ways. Here are a few of the most interesting upgrades: 

The calculator gets an AI boost: The humble Calculator app gets a much-needed upgrade with the introduction of AI-powered features. Users can now solve complex equations by simply taking a picture of them, with the app automatically interpreting and providing the solution. Additionally, the Calculator can now convert units and perform currency calculations on the fly, making it a true all-in-one math companion. 

Genmoji and Image Playground: Apple is getting creative with communication in iOS 18. Genmoji and Image Playground leverage AI to create personalized emoji responses and unique images. Genmoji analyzes your texting style and suggests emoji combinations that perfectly capture your sentiment. Image Playground allows users to manipulate existing images and create entirely new ones using AI-powered tools. 

Apple’s own Password Manager: Security takes center stage with the introduction of a dedicated Apple Password Manager app. This app integrates seamlessly with iCloud Keychain, storing login credentials securely and suggesting strong passwords for new accounts. Users can access their passwords across all Apple devices, making online security a breeze. 

VisionOS 2: The future of VR feels closer with VisionOS 2. This update to the Vision Pro headset introduces a groundbreaking 3D Photo Converter, transforming your cherished 2D memories into immersive 3D experiences. Plus, improved hand gesture recognition makes navigating the virtual world even more intuitive. These innovative features showcase Apple’s commitment to user experience and pushing the boundaries of VR technology. 


WWDC 2024 marked a significant shift for Apple with Apple Intelligence at the core. With the potential hardware reveals on the horizon, it’s clear that Apple is poised for a year of intelligent evolution, shaping the future of technology and human interaction. As we wait for the next wave of announcements, one thing remains certain – the Apple ecosystem is about to become even smarter and more interconnected. 

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