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career coach

Is it Time to Invest in an IT Career Coach?

By Nidhi Singh | May 9, 2024

Many of us have faced uncertainties and sought guidance regarding our careers at various points in our professional lives. Whether…

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How to Pick the Perfect Programming Languages for your Org

By Meera Nair | April 29, 2024

The ever-changing landscape of technology thrives on a multitude of programming languages, each offering unique functionalities. Choosing the right language…

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Marketing Tech Stack for Smarter Targeting & Higher ROI

By Meera Nair | April 23, 2024

Tech attention spans are shrinking, competition is cutthroat, and traditional tactics are starting to feel stale. If you’re looking to…

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digital declutter

Perform this Digital Declutter to Streamline Your Online Life

By Nidhi Singh | April 17, 2024

Organizing your physical surroundings might come naturally to many, but it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to…

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Apple failures

Examining 5 of Apple’s Biggest Project Fumbles 

By Nidhi Singh | April 11, 2024

Describe Apple. Your mind likely went to sleek design or unparalleled functionality but perhaps also to the companies sustainability, privacy,…

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How HCI and UX Design Create Seamless User Experiences 

By Meera Nair | April 3, 2024

Bridging the gap between tech and people  Your tech should empower users to connect with the digital world, not frustrate…

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Where the IT Industry Stands with Web3 Adoption

By Meera Nair | March 5, 2024

The internet, as we know it, is on its last legs. What’s waiting to take his place? Web3.   As a…

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Do IT Leaders Need to Care About End-UX?

By Jena Hodgson | February 13, 2024

Imagine a world where technology and users coexist in perfect harmony.    A world where every piece of software, every app,…

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The Real Impact of Your Tech Stack on the Customer Experience 

By Jena Hodgson | February 13, 2024

Building a robust tech stack is essential for optimal CX  For tech leaders, the challenge of delivering a superior customer…

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