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Who Will Win AI’s Epic Battle between ChatGPT 4 vs. LaMDA 3.0? 

The AI arena is abuzz with the clash of titans ChatGPT 4 vs. LaMDA 3.0, two of the most powerful language models ever created, are locked in an epic battle for dominance.   In one corner, hailing from Silicon Valley, stands ChatGPT 4. This latest iteration of the OpenAI marvel boasts its ability to generate…

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Green Computing is Saving the Planet, One Byte at a Time 

Forget disposable coffee cups and carpooling – the eco-revolution is flourishing in the heart of data centres and server rooms. Green computing, the movement championing environmentally sustainable technology, has become a global rallying cry. From bustling startups in Bangalore to tech giants in London, a united front is forming in the fight against climate change. …

Should We Talk About the QR Code Security Risk? 

QR code risks

It’s time to talk about the blooming QR code security risk.  QR code usage has boomed over the last half-decade – streamlining access to content, payment authorization, and even quick service food. As always, with a rapid growth in userbase comes a similar growth in risk.  Cybercriminals capitalize on QR codes to perpetrate sophisticated scams,…

How Bug Bounty Programs Are Revolutionizing Cybersecurity

With increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, organizations are constantly looking for ways to secure their systems and protect themselves from potential threats. Can hacking help? Well, ask bug bounty programs. Bug bounties incentivize a community of researchers called ethical hackers or bug hunters to find and report security vulnerabilities in a company’s systems in…


Strategies for Attracting Top Tech Talent – and Keeping Them

As demand for skilled professionals soars, the available talent pool appears to be shrinking. In this conversely suited pairing, attracting top tech talent is hard, and keeping them engaged and committed to your org is even harder.   Posting a job description on LinkedIn and hoping for the best is no longer going to win…

CES 2024’s Gadgets Take Tech to a New Dimension 

CES 2024 weird gadgets

At America’s largest trade show, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, companies from around the world seized the opportunity to unveil innovative applications that highlight  AI’s capability to revolutionize communication, business practices, and caregiving.   Alongside these innovations, CES 2024 showcased a plethora of unconventional gadgets, pushing the boundaries of technology to new and unpredictable…


Top AI Content Creation Tools Redefining Digital Excellence 

AI content creation tools

In the world of content creation where time is money and quality is king – the emergence of AI content creation tools are the definition of industry disruptor. With a few clicks, writers and content creators can generate high(-ish) quality content that previously would have taken days or even weeks to produce.   If we…

Disney’s Holotile Gets a High-Tech Upgrade 

Imagine stepping onto a platform of hexagonal tiles that weave a tapestry of sight and sound around you, transforming your movements into an immersive virtual adventure without the need for cumbersome headsets or tangled wires. This isn’t a futuristic dream – it’s Disney’s revolutionary HoloTile floor, the brainchild of Imagineering legend Lanny Smoot.  Smoot, with…

Will Pocket-Sized AI Devices Dethrone the Smartphone? 

ai robot

Mirroring the seismic tech shifts of the last two decades, more is not always equal to better. In fact – the smaller a product is, the more likely it is to be adopted into everyday use. Fitting, then, that as we continue to see AI usage become semi-mainstream on laptops, computers, and programs it was…

Apple AI Heats Up: From Cautious Contender to Game Changer

Remember dial-up internet, cyber cafes, and bulky laptops? Well, the world has moved on from early adoption culture and into a new frontier: Apple AI. For years, tech titans like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have been locked in a heated race, pushing the boundaries of AI’s capabilities, from personalized recommendation engines to developing self-driving cars. …